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Click on the images below to see more detail on each Chuppah, such as the product description, measurements and our unique ‘Personalise It’ service.

Prices exclude any floristry plus some locations and Central London hotels may incur an additional charge.


What's Included?

The published price includes transportation to your venue, set-up approximately three hours before your ceremony and take down (up to two hours after your ceremony finishes) when you rent a Chuppah from us. If you wish for the Chuppah to remain erected for longer than the allotted two hours then additional charges may apply. Some Central London hotels will also incur an additional charge.


Personalise It

You can change some of the accessories on our Chuppah’s in order to match your own colour scheme perfectly. This is via our ‘Personalise It’ service. See each Chuppahs dedicated page for more details.

Freestanding & Handheld?

Yes, we offer both. All our Chuppahs are freestanding and our “New York” can also be handheld.

Where Do We Travel?

We cover London and the South of England. As a general rule, the published price includes travel to weddings located in the following places: Greater London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. However, some parts of the counties listed above, and places not listed above, will incur additional charges due to the long travel times involved. We will travel much further too – POA.


The majority of our Chuppahs are approximately 225cm high x 230cm wide x 200cm deep (7ft 5ins high x 7ft 6ins wide x 6ft 7ins deep). This is a rough guide as sizes will vary on an individual basis but will fit all the family. Note that our “New York” and small “Finchley” are much smaller and intimate than our standard size. Our large “Finchley” is the largest at 8ft x 8ft and will fit even the biggest family! There is a size for everyone. Please see each individual product page for the exact measurements.